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We provide free 24/7 web hosting support by calling: (480) 624-2500 .

With our award-winning data center, you’ll know your site is always up and running.

Sitetorch Hosting F.A.Q.

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Telephone Support & Sales

  • 24/7 Technical Support & Sales – (480) 624-2500
  • 24/7 Billing Support – (480) 624-2515
  • Hosting Support – (480) 624-2500

Email Support


If you hire studio202.com to design and build your website, we will install WordPress and everything to make it run fast.


We automatically back up your WordPress site on a regular schedule depending on your maintenance requests.


You can sign up for hosting in monthly payments,12 month, 24 month or 36 month payments.

It depends on the plan you choose and how many months you sign up for.

Each plan has a discount for payments beyond month-to-month.

Yes and No.

We only build new sites with studio202.com but can pull content from your existing site as needed.


Email account storage is limited to the following: Economy Plan comes with 100 Email Accounts with 100 MB of total storage; Deluxe Plan comes with 500 Email Accounts with 500 MB of total storage; Ultimate Plan comes with 1000 Email Accounts with 1 GB of total storage.


If studio202.com designs your new website, it will be mobile responsive.

Unlimited bandwidth

Smokin’ Fast!

Your site will run at industry-leading speeds as fast as possible using best-in-breed technology. Each site’s load time depends on how it is built by your web designer and the user’s connection speed.

Call our support number for assistance:

(480) 624-2500

If studio202.com is building your new site, we will build your new site on a temporary domain name, then handle switching your DNS settings over when it is ready to go live.

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